RaNdOmNeSs Is AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!!!!

RaNdOmNeSs Is AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rElY oN tHe RaNdOmItItY HuRrRrR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I lubz being random...(just in case you didn't get what I was saying up there! V...woops.Wrong direction...^)

YAYZ! 1st bloggyyyy postyyy!!!

I lubz to write blogz.....

I use them internet DIARY! (I call it a journal caz y'kno watz?! I lubz saying the word...JOURNAL!)

No Need To Be Random Right Now...(or as I call...NNTBRRN! Yeah...that's hard to memorize but I don't care cuz I DON'T USE IT!!! >:D)

should I go on about being random?! No? Gah you suck....

Meh bloggies are about MEH LIFE!

and maybe a little more RaNdOmNeSs!

But nyehh....that's what bloggies are for right?!

Now if you excuse me...I need to tend to my doughnuts that are being devoured by my familyyyy...

Oh and P.S...I always put a quote that says what I was actually thinking while writing my bloggie so you know what I was...thinking...-.-"

"Nyehhh...I like saying yeelow...hehe..."


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