FANDOM I' reading gameinformer at my schools library,right? And I start reading the BBS article. It was comparing some stuff about star wars and I want to tell you what I saw.These are the exact words.(Not in order though. >:3)

So it was:

Keyblade Masters=Jedis/Siths

Terra=Anakin Skywalker

Master Erauqs=Yoda

Aqua=Obi Wan Kenobi

Master Xehanort=Senator Palpatine

Vanitas=Darth Maul

Ventus=um,Ahsoka Tano?

Poor little Ven... :'|

In case you don't know who Ahsoka is, Shes the girl from the animated version,y'know,Anakin's apprentice?

"I really don't get why they put him as Ahsoka,I mean really,they couldn't give him something better?"


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