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    It's over.

    May 22, 2011 by XionXIV

    Yup. I ended it.

    It was nic while it lasted, but my feelings ended.

    But, there's someone else now. xD

    LMFAO. I'ma stay sigle for a while. It's better that way. ^_^

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    Uhm, why do I keep drifting apart from everyone? REALLY?

    Ok, so, a lot has happened. :)

    -I turned thirteen. ^_^

    -I have my first bf! Aaand, he is most likely MOVING next month. -__-"

    -I made a facebook.

    Yah, yah. (:

    Ok, so uh. Let's update!

    -Yeah. Not so really BIG on the whole "birthday" thing. I have my reasons, I just have the worst ways of explaining them. :T

    -My first bf. Uhm, we started dating on the 7th. Woot. :3 He's nice, sweet, but sadly, BAD reputation. Even my friend, one of my BEST, he came up to me and said, "Phoebe, is it true that you're dating a faggot?" ...


    Yeah. Awkward....

    -Facebook! Helllllll yeah! >:D I say the WEIRDEST stuff with my friends. Hmm!

    Ok, what else? Uhm, I guess …

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    Uhhh...yah. Nothing to do, so why not just talk out loud? :3's past my bedtime. >:D

    Anyways, I ate spaghetti today. Hah, I remember that my 1st grade teacher didn't know how to spell out spaghetti. :D Everyone tortured him with it.

    Oh, uhm, my school sucks. It's hell, literally. Besides the red. We can't wear red. Stupid arranged seatings at lunch. D:

    Aaand, I talked to HIM. Yeah, it was....awkward. My friend pulled me towards the "Nerd Herd" and started dancing in the middle of it. Very awkward moment there. Especially when she does it everyday in the morning. ._.

    Oh, uhm, yah.



    Yeah. Matryoshka. :3

    Anyways, nothing else. BLECHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hah, remember my poem about my floor?…

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