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    July 12, 2010 by Terra Fae Odosson

    Okay so I haven't done a blog in forever. Hey everyone! Ok so a while back I did this epic drawing of one of my favorite villians: Scar! He is easily the coolest and most visually character in the Lion King. Well enjoy :)

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  • Terra Fae Odosson

    Okay so three new Kingdom Hearts games have now been announced. I only assume new worlds are going to be included. I would love to see some Hayao Miyazaki worlds included. The American dub for his films is done by Pixar which is owned by Disney. So hey it works!

    1. Spirited Away World 2. Howl's Moving Castle3. Atlantis4. The Jungle Book5. Pocahontas6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame7. Treasure Planet

    Those would all be awesome to play in really.

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