I got the idea while watching this vid: One of the parts was Belle and Oogie Boogie (no, it was not a pairing, it was a Halloween video) and I had this idea. We all know Prince Adam used to be a big scary beast, right? And we all know what Jack Skellington is like (unfortunally XD). What if while Adam was the Beast, Jack had tried to talk him into coming to Halloween Town, and he refused, so Jack returns (after both movies occur) to offer again, but find the Beast turned back to normal? The more I pondered as I watched that video, the more ideas I got. Of course, Belle will fall into Oogie's clutches, and I think I'll have Gaston return from the dead (or somehow survive the fall, which is unlikely) and kidnap Sally, so the Beast is forced to work with Jack. Who else thinks that sounds good? (I gave up my other fanfics, sadly. I got stuck. Now I'm working on 3) And you might wonder who Jenna Skellington is, so I'll tell you.

Jenna Skellington is Jack's niece, the only living member of the Skellington bloodline, (yes, Jack is dead. He said so himself in the song "Jack's Lament") and the wielder of the Magic of 7 Holidays, which was sealed away at the beginning of time to keep it out of the hands of evil. She shows up in Magic of the Holidays, but the only reason she's gonna be in Wilted Rose is to introduce her, basically.

No seriously, doesn't this sound epic or what? I gave up my other fanfictions to work on this one, Magic of the Holidays, and Rushing Into Love.

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