Alright, in case you don't know, I'm in Marching Band, on one of the 4 bass drums. There is a really mean bass drum player in my grade (remember that. I will write it again: He is in my grade. I'm stressing this for a reason.) who he thinks he's superior to the rest of us. So he rudely bosses us around. Now, if my director told me to mount my bass drum on my back, flap my arms, and cluck like a chicken, I might if he's being serious. If the upperclassmen told me to do something, I'd do. If you neither director or upperclassmen, and you ask nicely, I'll do it. But if you are not upperclassmen, the director, or asking nicely, I won't do it. I'll just argue with you. So I argue with Kevin all the time. Today, we started cussing each other out in the middle of marching, and Kevin yelled at me:

"Don't back talk upperclassmen!" (Remember, Kevin is not an upperclassman.) So I yelled back at him.

"I don't back talk upperclassmen!" When he realized what I meant by that, he was so pissed. (In case you don't know what I meant, I meant he wasn't an upperclassman, so I could backtalk him all I wanted.) He glared at me afterwards, and the whole walk home I was laughing.

I had been meaning to get back at him since the beginning of Marching Band practices, and I finally did. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

Moral of the Story: If you have no superiority over me, ask me nicely to do something. Bossing me around won't get you anywhere, unless you have superiority.

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