This isn't just Disney villians (while most of them are). I included Lord Barkis (Corpse Bride) and the Other Mother (Coraline).

10 - Captain Hook

Captain Hook was a bit more bumbler than villian, and once he saw the crocodile that ate his hand, bye bye evilness. But hey, at least he made top 10.

9 - Jafar

I'm not kidding. Jafar was pathetic. He was annoying, lovesick (and NOT in a good way) and stupid. I'm not kidding. You should have considered the consquences of being stuck in a lamp BEFORE you wished to be a genie. >.>

8 - Lord Barkis

You could tell he was the villian of the story by the song "Remains of the Day", but they also dropped hints of it in the very beginning. You weren't supposed to find out until near the end. That, and he killed women for their dowagers. (if you don't know what a dowager is, that is the money the groom inherits from the bride's family) Kinda lame, and he wasn't very scary. <.<

7 - Hades

I really was disappointed by Hades. I like him as a character, but hate him as a villian. >.> You can tell when he's gonna explode on someone. Kinda depressing.

6 - Evil Queen

So Snow White is prettier than you? WHOOP DE DO! No one cares!

5 - Queen of Hearts/ Red Queen

The two enemies from Alice in Wonderland (both the 1959 and 2010 versions) are much higher than expected. Probably because of the phrase "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" :D

4 - Cruella De Vil

I am not kidding. Cruella was amazing. And this is coming from a girl that actually owned a Dalmatian when she was little. But seriously, Cruella was scary, and evil. I love that.

3 - Oogie Boogie

Again, creepy and evil. My only complaint was he's kinda suggustive and fun to bash. I'm working on getting a pic of him in a fairy costume online, before he finds me and mugs me. XD

2 - Maleficent

DUDE MALEFICENT IS SO BA! Do I have to say more?

1 - The Other Mother

There is only one bad guy more BA than Maleficent, and that is the Other Mother. She was amazing!

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