Andie: Alright, everyone knows the drill, so here are the questions!

Gir:*eats a cookie in front of him* Jack:Who is Better, The Pumpkin King or Sandy Clawz *gives Zero a bone* Oogie:*kicks him in the gut* Sally:How many times Has Dr.Finkelstein Locked you in your room

GIR: I put soap in that one!

Jack: Pumpkin King, of course. No one can beat me.

Andie: Retardsayswhat?

Jack: What?

Oogie: What?

Zim: What?

Dib: What?

Sally: Huh?


Andie: HA! Jack, Oogie, Zim, and Dib are all retards!

Jack: I hate you.

Oogie: I AM NOT!

Zim: LIES!

Dib: Only you would pull a joke like that. >.>

Oogie: LBL is on my kill list.

Andie: Oogie, he's BEEN on your kill list.

Sally: I lost count, LBL. I seriously have.

Oogie: Andie, you are on my kill list now.

Andie: I've BEEN on your kill list too! I should be dead about 60 times over!

Jack: She has a point.

Sally: Isn't everyone on Oogie's kill list?

Oogie: No, you're not. I have other uses for you-



Andie: OKay, I'm ending this. Bye.

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