my questions are in blahs so you can make them up

Andie:Blah Blah Blah Blah


Oogie:BLAH Blah

Andie: ... WTFBBQ!?!

Jack: >.>

Andie: New rule, the questions have to be written in english.


Oogie: So now what?

Andie: No idea.

Sally: What was that book you were writing earlier?

Andie: I'm not talking about that.

Sally: You let me read part of it! It was really good.

Andie: The Star Trek one? I don't know... should I post that on here?

Sally: Yes.

Andie: No one on here knows what Star Trek even is. >.> I'd have to tell them to watch at least 3 different episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series to get the story... I'll consider it.

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