Andie: Alright, we have more questions from LBL.


Andie: *punches Zim in the face* SHUT UP! Here are LBL's questions:

"I have more questions. Dib:Why do you wanna date Andie? Oogie:Why you so stupid? Jack:Are you going to Marry You know who? Sally:Are you a zombie?"

Dib: That is personal... seriously Andie, my offer still stands.

Andie: No, and LBL, just for bringing that up, LOTSO SUCKS!

Oogie: I AM NOT STUPID! *eats LBL*

Andie: :O I didn't mean it, LBL! Oogie, cough him up right now!

Oogie: *spits up LBL* UGH! BITTER! *gags*

Jack: I'm not gonna say. It's a surprise.

Sally: Actually, I'm a living ragdoll that Dr. Finkelstein created. I don't think they are any zombies in Halloween Town.

Andie: I know this one is kinda short, but let's wrap it up before Oogie tries to eat someone else.


Andie: NO! Ok guys, see ya next time!

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