Jack:Was sally fully-clothed in there Andie:I didn't touch your gir plushie Oogie:Why do you hate Santa? Sally:Are you back yet?

Jack: Yes she was fully-clothed. Why are you asking me that? >.>

Andie and Oogie: *ROFLS*

Oogie: Don't you kind of wish she was?

Andie: *laughing harder* OOGIE! PG!

Jack: No, I'm not a pervert.

Oogie: But most men have that secret wanting hidden inside them somewhere.

Jack: ...What?

Andie: Oogie, give up.

Oogie: Fine.

Andie: *calms down* Alright, time for my question... glad to hear you didn't touch it.

Oogie: I hate Santa because Jack likes him.

Andie: >.>

Jack: <.<

Sally: *comes back in and sits down*

Jack: Sally... are you OK?

Sally: Yeah... I guess.

Andie: Don't listen to Joe.

Oogie: Yeah, JokeAura is a-

Andie: Oogie, PG.

Sally: ...

Andie: *whispers to Jack* She'll be happier if you kiss her.

Dib: *whispers to Jack* Yeah, kiss her.

Jack: *whispers to both* Fine.

Andie: *readies a camera*

Jack: *kisses Sally*

Sally: !!!

Andie: *takes a picture*

Jack and Sally: ANDIE!

Andie: *hides the camera* I DIDN'T DO IT! Let's wrap this up! Bye guys!

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