Jack: Due to Andie not being here, I'm starting the questions off!

Dib: Where is Andie?

Jack: Probably on the ground floor. I tied her to the hand rail of the elevator and sent her down there.

Oogie: Are you serious? LOL!

Sally: JACK!

Jack: What?

Sally: That is so mean!

Jack: She deserves it!

Oogie: That is the best thing I have heard all day!

Andie: *walks in* Hey guys.

Jack: :o How'd you get out?

Andie: You forgot I'm a pyro, Jack. You guys might not wanna go in the elevator for a while, it smells like burnt rope. Anyhoo, here are the questions!

Andie:I think i can help

Jack&Sally:*Makes them kiss perfectley

Oggie:You bore me

Gir:Oggies a pinata filled with baccon soap and piggys

Andie: Wha?

Dib: OK, Joe, your plan to make them kiss perfectly is to lock them in a closet?

Oogie: They are probably gonna-

Andie: Oogie, PG.

Oogie: I don't care what you think. And by the way, it's OOGIE. O-O-G-I-E. Got it memorized, JokeAura?

Andie: There's a new one, Oogie saying an Axel line. >.>


Andie: *lets Jack and Sally out of the closet* Sorry about that.

Jack: I don't know which one is worse, you or Joe, Andie.

Andie: You owe me big time, Jack. See ya next time guys.

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