Dib:Have you heard about the Castle with the ghost that walks around at night without a head? Andie:You haven't done anything with fire lately Jack:Whatsayspumpkinking

Dib: Uh... no. Can't say I have.

Jack: I have.

Andie: If anyone is an expert on what goes bump in the night, it's Jack. >.>

Jack: Yeah, you have a problem with that?

Andie: I kinda wonder what happens in Halloween Town on lazy nights when the moon is full...

Jack: The moon is always full in Halloween Town. >.>

Andie: Never mind. -_-" And I haven't done anything with fire recently. :(

Sally: Andie, what were you trying to get at with Jack?

Andie: Nothing. I have to pee. *gets up*

Oogie: Thank you for sharing that. </sarcasm>

Andie: *goes behind the couch Jack and Sally are sitting on, and attempts to get them to kiss by clunking their heads together*

Jack and Sally: *clunk foreheads* OW!

Andie: DAMNIT! I MISSED! *runs out of the room*

Jack: *chases after her*


Oogie: She won't be able to outrun him. His legs are too long for that.

GIR: I LIKE PLAYING TAG! *runs after them*

Zim: Inferior creatures...

Oogie: I hope Jack catches her. She deserves getting beat up by him.

Sally: Should someone end this?

Oogie: Nah, let's wait for them to come back.

Sally: Why?

Oogie: I think Andie's annoying little friends might actually like to see Andie come back in a box that says "Some assembly required".

Sally: Well, I'M ending this. Bye guys.

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