Andie: -gives a bucket of water- MUAHAHAHA!!!!


GIR: You so cuteee I take ya home with meh! -picks up GIR and runs away with him-

Oogie: Y'know, I went to Hot Topic a few days ago...They sold bug-flavored candy and bugs INSIDE the candy. It was really weird. I mean like, There were farm ants inside that hard candy-thing and chocolate-covered crickets and stuff. Ewh. And they had nacho-flavored worms. I'm serious. It was gross... (Speaking of Hot Topic I should have bought that Heartless Shirt and Assassin's Creed: II Shirt also...-.-") Oh and Oogie....CHECk IT OUT! YOU GOT THE FREAKIN LONGEST QUESTION ON RECORD! HOW DO YA FEEL!?

Andie: YES! I need this.

Jack: For?

Andie: Oh, there's this girl in my school who I have a bone to pick with. I'm freezing this so it lasts until winter, then I'll let it thaw out, take it to school, and dump it on her! 8D

Jack: >.>



Andie: D8< XION! GIR'S MINE! *kidnaps GIR back*

Oogie: Um... were the bugs real? And I THINK YOU NEED TO SHUT UP!

Andie: >.> She's just asking a mega long question.

Oogie: You need to as well, Andie.

Sally: Usually you're getting on these the minute you get up, Andie, where were you?

Andie: Today was my first day at school.

Oogie: Since when do you go to school?

Dib: What grade are you in, Andie?

Andie: >.> I'm a freshman.

Dib: !_! I thought you were older...

Andie: I get that ALOT.

Oogie: No, seriously, since when do you go to school?

Andie: Oogie, I am not a drop out.

Oogie: I'm willing to wager you will be one.

Andie: >.> I think my parents are on your side, Oogie, but I plan on succeeding.

Oogie: If it is to annoy everyone, you've already succeeded.

Andie: Do you wanna go?

Oogie: I'm just saying!

Jack: Andie, don't listen to him.

Andie: Wasted advice, Jack, I already don't.

Dib: You know what this show needs?

Andie: Humor us, Dib.

Dib: A title sequence!

Oogie: No. This is annoying enough as it is.

Andie: Not a bad idea, Dib, but I need Invader Zim footage to do it.

Dib: No clue where you can get that. >.>

Andie: Well then, fans of this series! Help us out! I need to find a place where I can download Invader Zim episodes! And possibly the Nightmare Before Christmas, although I can live without it and use Kingdom Hearts. I have an idea for the theme song (and currently hunting for the MP3 file to use it) But I need Invader Zim footage. Help me out! It needs to be free, and virus free. Feel free to email me at if you have a place I can download Invader Zim episodes, and possibly the Nightmare Before Christmas. Thanks!

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