Gir:Did you know that Dib's head is big enough to be a piñata?:D Oogie:What do you want to use Sally for? (just wondering) Jack,Andie,and Zim:*gives you all a lighter and knife*Go beat up whoever you want with that.

GIR: YEAH! *chases Dib*

Dib: AUGH! *flees*

Andie: Oogie, do not answer that. We have to remain PG. >.>

Jack: Besides he never will use her for that-

Andie: Because Jack will beat him to it.

Jack: Ye- !_! NO I WILL NOT!

Oogie: ROFLcopter!

Andie: XD

Sally: *blushes*

Andie: YES! w00t!

Zim: What are these inferior devices?

Jack: Uh, GeniusMage, I'm not Andie or Oogie.

Andie: *lights a candle, and quickly waves her finger through the flame repeatly* XD, I always wanted to do this.

Jack: I see you are easily amused, Andie.

Andie: What? *burns finger* OW!

Oogie: XD

Andie: *sucking on her finger* Gawk, I hat vu.

Sally: I'm wrapping this up. See ya later guys.

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