In my opinion, Nightmare Before Christmas games are amazing. There are 2 of them, Oogie's Revenge and Pumpkin King. Pumpkin King is for Adv, and Oogie's Revenge is for PS2 and Xbox (not 360, but I guess they are compatable...)

I own both games, so I will tell you the basic storylines.

Pumpkin King: Pumpkin King is a year (I think) before the events of the Nightmare. It explains where Oogie and Sally came from (although Sally's origin is explained in Nightmare, you just have to listen for it) Oogie is (was) the ruler of a holiday called "Bug Day". Never heard of it? According to the game, the holiday has long since been forgotten, and the Bug Town destroyed. Oogie is the sole survivor of the town, and he's trying to take over Halloween Town to revive Bug Day. He tries to kidnap Jack, but ends up with Sally instead. (LOL, I find that funny.) So, the point is to defeat Oogie and save Sally.

Oogie's Revenge: It has been a year since the events of the Nightmare, and Jack is STILL bored with the same old thing. He leaves town to look for something new, and returns to find the town deserted, Sally kidnapped, and Oogie in charge. And Oogie isn't just after Halloween Town, he also wants all the towns so he can become 7 Holidays King. The point of the game is to stop Oogie, set things right, and free the Holiday Leaders and their towns.

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