I'd back away... It is kids in my school, and we're all juniors so we can drive. But it's mega lame, because 3 of my friends somehow get superpowers and then our science teacher from our sevie (7th) grade year went evil. -_-' Anyhoo, here's the best (and lamest) part of the story so far: The car chase.

....Jessie hit the gas and they drove like crazy. Jessie pulled over and said into the phone. "OK, guys, I think we found him. Meet us at the Sandusky Mall." "Let me drive, I can out-run him." Andie said. They switched seats and Andie drove down the road, probably at a 100 miles an hour. "Jessie, your phone has a camera in it. Get a picture of the guy!" Andie ordered, honking as she sped through a red light. Jessies got a picture, and screamed. "HE HAS A GUN!" To prove her point, a bullet broke the back window, whistling past Jessie's ear. "Damn" Andie cursed. She sped up, and Jessie said. "Andie, if you get us killed, I am never letting you drive my car ever again." "We won't be alive then now will we?" Andie yelled, honking at another red light. The guy with the gun got next to them, and Andie rammed him with Jessie's car. "Watch the gun, Andie." Jessie reminded her. "I see it. I see it." Andie muttered, ramming his car again....

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