My original sucked, big time. So I'm rewriting from scratch. 2 identical twins (Aeris "Andie", and Venus) and Andie's 6 year old godchild (Elisa) get brought together when Axel kills Elisa's parents and the three gain control of Keyblades. I'm going to tell you about some of the characters, the new characters.


Known by "Andie", she is a loud, mouthy, arrogant, ex-gangmember. Twin sister of Venus, and godmother of Elisa, she kinda acts as the leader of the trio. She was the best shooter of her gang, and knows the inside outs when it comes to healing people. Ironically, Aeris is the goddess of destruction, and Andie is well known for causing trouble.


Aeris's twin sister. Quiet, calm, sweet, sister of the ex-gangmember. Is in love with Riku, but is nervous to tell him. Ironically, Venus is the goddess of love, which explains the literial love-at-first-sight scene she has with Riku when she removes his blindfold.


Andie's 6 year-old godchild. Axel killed her parents right before she gained control over the Keyblade. She doesn't speak to anyone but Andie and Venus, and later Joe and Riku when she senses the relationship they have with her godmother and godaunt.


Resident of Radiant Garden whom King Mickey sent along with Riku to collect the 3 Keyblade Bearers. He was known to Andie throughtout most of her life as Joekeybladeaura.


Rinoa's sister, known throughtout Andie's life as Firaga44. She and Rinoa were princesses of some unknown, long-destroyed world who took refuge in Radiant Garden, or so the story goes.

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