You could say it's all TK's fault, or the fault of the inventor of the baseball. But what happens when TK, Dr. Finkelstein, and Zim make teleporting devices that connect the worlds of Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim, and my dog-eat-dog school? Zim and 3 of my school rivals (and it is not a friendly rivalry) team up with Oogie Boogie, Sally's trying to find Jack, Jack's trying to find Sally, GIR's trying to find Zim (we think) and me and my four friends Brianna (a TNBC fan), Katy (an Invader Zim fan), Katie (probably the most normal of the group), and Jessica (who's a bit of a simpleton) are going along for the ride? Read and find out. (To be finished)

Finished Chapters

Ch 1: Wanna cause chaos? Just add Baseballs.

Ch 2: Love makes you do stupid things, like jump into a vortex to send you on a wild goose chase

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