OKay, Joe complained to the point I gave in, he's in it now. In the middle of the story, the group of world-travellers discover a 4th world: Joe's school. He gets involved quickly because not only are Zim, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Hannah, Rhian, and Kayla all running around in his world, or that his rival/s (Joe, gimme info on this topic in a PM sometime. NO LAST NAMES!) have now gotten involved with the bad group, but the fact about him and me. I changed the facts about our relationship to make the story more interesting. Changed Facts: Us being a couple is a joke between us. However, they secretly love each other, but are afraid to tell the other for fear they don't like the other back in that way and that they will kill the joke, and possibly the friendship. So... yeah.

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