I have no clue how i did this (and i'm not sure if I could do it again) but SSC told me to shoot Pete in the ass with a fireball when you stalk him because it's kinda funny, so i did. It went through the whole cutscene (Pete complaining about losing his spot and somehow not mentioned getting his ass burnt by a fireball) then, it happened. I was following Pete, and he changed his course. I was in the middle of his red zone, and Axel was right in front of Pete getting pushed forward as the fat ass tried to walk through him. I just sat there laughing, then I had to go through the WHERE WAS I UGH! cutscene again because Pete was out of my blue area for too long. I don't know if it's a glitch with the whole game or not, it might be just mine, but if I get the DS from my gramps again I will try to do it again. And have a camera.

One of my friends had 2 funny glitches. Once he was fighting Sephy (I don't know if I believe this or not) and he almost beat him. Then, a FREAKING PAPOU FRUIT shot across the screen and he got distracted and Sephiroth killed him. I don't believe that, you can if you want though.

The same friend was fighting Riku in front of the Keyhole in KH1, and he said that Riku got stuck in mid-air, and his skirt thing turned pink. Yes, PINK. And he had to restart the game because everything he did to Riku wouldn't work. I don't believe that one either, but you can if you want.

Have you guys ever had a funny glitch in any game? The Stalking Pete glitch was my only glitch and it was hysterical.

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