OK, I am a big sap when it comes to various KH guys, (>.> Sorry Joe) little kids, and animals. I have a funny story about the little kid one.

OK, so my class was watching A Christmas Carol, and Tiny Tim comes on screen. I'm holding back a fangirl squee, but every girl in my class starts squeeing so I join right in. All the boys and our teacher (who was also male) are just looking at us like we are insane. We squeed every time he practically blinked, and the loudest squees were when he'd say: "God Bless Us, everyone." *High-pitched fangirl squee* HE'S SO CUTE! I AM RUINING MY DIGNITY AS I SPEAK BUT I DON'T CARE! *cough* Anyway, then we were all sad when he died, and I think one girl was actually crying. Then at the end we are squeeing as loud as we can, and Scrooge just kissed Tiny Tim on the cheek or something, and one boy said "Ew he just kissed him!" We all stopped mid-squee and glared at him. But we sat squeeing until the credits rolled, and I think our teacher vowed quietly never to show that movie again. But Tiny Tim was so cute! *squee* I'm done ruining my dignity and wasting your time.

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