Alrighty, I was bored yesterday (I think it was yesterday) and I decided that I was gonna do a report on each of the Playable characters. I haven't opened up Mickey or Sora, though. So, I won't write of them until I open them. Anyway, I went into the very first mission you get, and everyone had Zero Gear with 1 ability, 1 power, 1 magic, and 1 guard thing attached. Just to keep it even, and to assure that I don't die.

Xemnas- does this floaty thing that makes him move slow. Powerful, with long reach and moderate attack speed. I won't play as him.

Xigbar- Shoots from distance. Close range is BAD idea. I won't play as him.

Xaldin- Powerful, attacks close range, launches at enemies. 4rd fav to play as.

Vexen- Powerful, attacks close range, throws shield at enemies. I won't play as him, his little girly, hips-don't-lie pose scares me. He also misses frequently (but can be debated if that is the fault of the player or not)

Lexaeus- Very powerful, attacks close range with moderate speed. 5th fav to play as.

Zexion- Not as powerful, attacks close range, throws book. 6th fav to play as.

Saix- Very Powerful, attacks close range, has long reach. 7th fav to play as.

Axel- Moderate power, attacks close range, throws chakrams. Depends on my mood and the mission if I'd play as him or not.

Demyx- Weak, attacks close range, misses frequently (debateable if the fault of player or not) Wouldn't play as him.

Luxord- hits Heartless within range with powerful attacks. 3rd fav to play as.

Marluxia- attacks with powerful, close range attacks. Has long reach. 8th fav to play as.

Larxene- fast, powerful attacks, launches self at Heartless. My favorite to play as.

Roxas- Moderate everything. I wouldn't play as him.

Xion- see Roxas, I'd play as her.

Riku- Powerful with moderate attack speed and moderate reach. 9th fav.

Donald- Weak with slow attack speed and short reach. Somehow turns hinself around during fight (debateable if fault of player or not) expect to use Limit in every fight. Won't play as him

Goofy- Moderate Power with fast attacks and moderate reach, moves toward Heartless during attacks. 2nd fav to play as, comical movements.

King Mickey-


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