I tend to spend a bit of time not on the wiki. So, if you're interested, here's all the places you can access me! 8D (I'm not giving out my email, and if you know it, do NOT post it in the comments. Meet me on the IRC if you want my email) - Yes, I found a Nightmare Before Christmas fan website, and joined it. Who else is not surprised? I'm on there as RubythePumpkinPrincess (Ruby is one of my OCs, and Jack Skellington's kid if you can't tell) and here is my profile page. (If you join under a different username than your wiki one, please say "Hey, this is InsertWikiUserNameHere." So I don't block you thinking you're some creeper)

(I love how it says my location is: "hiding" LMAO)

YouTube - In case you don't know, I have a YouTube account. (BTW, Joe, I sent you a message. Please check your inbox ASAP) - I don't have anything worth reading up yet, but I will soon.

(I originally was on under another name, but I got a cyberbully, so I changed my name to throw him off-track)

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