Today's Random questions's Are sponsored By Lotso, Barbie, Stretch,Mr.Spell, Rex, Mr.Potato Head, and Slinky and NINJA KITTEH. There will be some questions from each of them.

Lotso:Will You hug me who ever is read this?

Me:*hugs Lotso*

Barbie:What's Your favorite Barbie Doll?

Stretch:Who do you hate the most?

Mr.Spell:Who is your favorite Character On andie's Questions?

Rex:Do you hate me? I don't think I could take the Pressure

Mr.Potato Head:Have you Seen My Wife's Hat?

Slinky:Do you have a Kink in Your Slink? I do.

Ninja Kitteh:Can I kick the Nearest Dog You hate?

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