Lotso:This is by far the best Lotso I have Ever seen, When you first get him, He smells Excellent, But after a couple days, His smells starts to fade, and His phrases get Really Old, But There are a couple phrases You might hear that are rare

Basic Figure Stretch:Since this The only REAL toy of stretch (not like those stupid buddy pack things) She is movie accurate, But not to scale

Mr.Pricklepants Plush, When I first Heard about him, I had to get him, I got him, But there are a couple details wrong about him,: His eyes aren't coal, His Lederhosen is wrong and that's about it.

Wheezy Plush:One word Perfect except no Squeaker D:

Disney Pixar collection Rex:Rex is perfect, Except not to scale

Deluxe Figure Sparks:Meh

Jessie Toy story collection:Since all the other Jessies are somewhat creepy >.<, I had to get this, I love this as I love Lotso, Jessie is the best, Except Her pony tail is too thick

Mr.Mike:He is so much Friggin fun and movie accurate, I don't have any bad comments about Mr.Mike

Kelloggs Hamm:Wish I got the Disney store hamm While I could

Chatter telephone:This is the best Toy story chatter telephone, Besides the stupid one made for talking to characters like Rex, Woody, and Some other characters

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