Xemnas:Ok number 15 you and number 16 will be on a mission to get some hearts

Ojex:ok andie ready

Naxdie:Ojex it is naxdie now remember


Vexen:May i come

Ojex and Naxdie:NO!


Ojex:where are we going now naxdie

Naxdie:we are going to castle of dreams

Ojex:yes i love that world

Naxdie:ok lets go

(AT castle of dreams)

Ojex:we are only geting 1 heart?

Naxdie: yup kingdom hearts is almost done only need 1 heart left

Ojex:ok here is a heartless

(Naxdie kills it and heart pops out)

Ojex:hurry rtc

(back home)

Everyone:we are human again

(the end)

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