Chapter 1

Coraline was at home one day with nothing to do. She went into her bedroom to call her friends and talk on the phone. She called Doug and she talked until she saw a strange white disembodied hand at her window and recgonized with Ease. She said to Doug "I got to go.........." Doug said "Are you ok Coraline?" "She said "Something's bothering me, I'll call You back later." She followed the hand until she saw it go in to THE door. "It can't be............ I threw that hand down a well!" Then she told wybie she saw the other mother's hand and he said "You are not going in there with out me" They both go in to the door................

Chapter 2

They entered the door mesmerized by the old souls staring at them.  they went through the door terrified thinking of all the terrible (abusive) things the other mother could do to them. They entered the door and they tried to be smart, so they could not fall for any of the other mother's tricks. They both saw the other mother cooking stew and knew they Were the main ingredidents! The other mother said "I've been waiting to eat something for one year since you escaped! Now it's time!" "we're not falling for any of your tricks!"

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