Another RPG idea:

A thousand years have passed since the last Mamodo war. 100 mamodos have came to Earth to fulfill their destiny which is for one of them to become the mamodo king/queen. All these mamodo have reason for wanting to be king/queen. Some want to stop the wars others want to continue the wars forever. Some mamodo are forced into this,some are doing this of their free will. Some mamodo will do whatever it takes to burn the opponent's book,they will even sometimes go as far as taking innocent human lives. This is a anything's goes game so try not to get your book burned. Each one has a different power so use that power to your advantage.

Character sheet:

Your name:

Your gender:

Your appearance:

Your personality:

Mamodo's name:

Mamodo's gender:

Mamodo's appearance:

Color of book and spells:

Mamodo's power:

Mamodo's personality:

Rules: No godmodding. It'd be kinda impossible to learn 5 spells in about 5 posts >.> or burning the book in one shot.

Your first posts has to be well...obviously your character sheets and how you meet your mammodo partner.

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