Roy:Why are we watching this movie?

Winry:Because me and Al made a bet.

Roy:....What kind of bet?

Winry:That Edward could sit through this movie without falling asleep. If he can sit through it Al owes me 1000 cens. The movie's called Eclipse.

(The movie starts. The meadow scene shows on the screen)

Edward:*starts to yawn*

Al:*looks at Winry*I believe you're gonna owe me 1000 cens.

Winry:*glares at Al and then Edward*

(They get to the scene where Bella punches Jacob in the face)

Roy:....This movie makes what happened in Ishval look like a sweet dream.

Edward:*is fast asleep*

Al:I believe you owe me 1000 cens.

Winry:Dang it!*hands Al the 1000 cens*

(The training scene appears)

Envy:Make the torture end!I won't hurt/torture/kill anyone for a year if you make it end!

Al:Envy why are you here?

Envy:Father forced me to take the day off. It was either this or doing community service. At the time watching a movie seemed like the better choice.

(Fighting newborns scene shows up. Everyone expect Roy and Envy has fallen asleep.)

Envy:Wanna go have a battle?This movie is making my eyes bleed.

Roy:Sure. I need something to burn anyway.
(The movie ends)

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