Roxas was with Xion listening to the rain slowly hit the roof of Castle Oblivion.

Axel and everyone else but us is out on a mission said Xion.

Yeah but who cares?asked Roxas.

I happen to care said Xion.

You had a fever and someone has to watch you said Roxas.

I'm fine said Xion.

Then Xion tried to stand up but faints and Roxas catches her.

Roxas feels her forehead to see how high her fever is.

Oh no she's burning up said Roxas.

The organzation seriously picked the wrong time to go on a mission said Roxas.

Ice i need ice Xion vaguely whispered.

Then Larxene came in.

Hi kiddo said Larxene.

Help!Get Xion some ice please said Roxas.

Nope kiddo you're on you're own said Larxene.

Roxas gave Larxene a dirty look.

Sadist said Roxas.

Hold on Xion i'll be right back said Roxas as he rushed off to find ice.

Hello puppet our boyfriend off to find you ice while you squirm how enjoyable said Larxene.

I wonder if i should end your pain right now said Larxene.

Larxene i can hear you said Axel.

She's needed for our plans said Axel.

I know but who said i can't have my fun with her first?asked Larxene.

Xion was breathing heavily.

Then Roxas came back in the room and puts the ice on Xion's forehead.

Thank you.....Roxas Xion vaguely whispered.

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