Xion woke up and streched.
It's a beautiful day today Xion said.
Then Xion walked in Roxas's room.
Roxas wake up!shouted Xion.
What is it it's 7:00 am said Roxas.
Actually it's noon and we got a mission said Xion.
We?As in you and me Xion?asked Roxas.
Yes that is what we means said Xion.
Well this should be fun Roxas muttered under his breath.
Huh?asked Xion.
Nothing said Roxas.
Roxas had been crushing on Xion for as long as he can remember.
Xion got the dark portal ready and Xion and Roxas got in it.
We're supposed to be destroying a Search Ghost said Roxas.
This house....sure is creepy said Xion.
Then a ghost-like heartless walked up to Xion and she screamed and clinged to Roxas while shivering.
What is that thing?!asked Xion.
Roxas smiled while Xion was clinging to him.
Xion realized what she was doing and turned around and blushed.
Roxas pulled out his keyblade.
You owe me a scream a mysertious voice in the house said.
Xion clinged to Roxas again scared.
It must be Axel's patheic attempt to scare us said Roxas.
A shadowy figure begun to walk out.
It's....Xemnas said Roxas.
Puppet stop clinging to number 13!shouted Xemnas.
Xion started to cry.
She's not a puppet!shouted Roxas.
The mission is aborted you two can't do anything Axel and Zexion shall continue your failed mission said Xemnas.
Xemnas slapped Xion.
Hey!shouted Roxas.
Stop crying you patheic excuse for a nobody!Xemnas shouted.
Xion started to cry more and ran off.
Xion...Roxas said in a caring voice.
Roxas went after her.
I can't do anything right Xion said sadly.
That's not true!It's just not Roxas shouted.
Xion hugged Roxas and started crying more.
Xion i'll always be by your side i promise Roxas said.
Thank you Roxas said Xion.
Xion you can much as you need to Roxas said sweetly.
Roxas i need to thank you for everything you're a great friend said Xion.
Xemnas pushed Roxas and Xion into the dark portal.
Hi Zexion said Roxas.
I HAVE A LEXICON I WILL USE!shouted Zexion.Calm down said Roxas.

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