"You see, your talk template's sprite of Vanitas without his helmet on, revealing Sora's face, can be seen all over the wiki's talk pages. Quite frankly, you've spoiled several users in doing this, including myself and BebopKate. For the good of the many active users who wish to remain unspoiled (like I do!), it really would be best if you were to temporarily change the image in that version of your talk template to a different one. Once Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is released in North America and Europe, feel free to put that image back in your talk template. Thanks! "� Is it me or is that totally unfair? Seroiusly it's like he's taking away of some of our rights or something like that. That's not cool at all. *thinks about the times when she actuallyenjoyed coming on the wiki*Now it's just a lot of rules. Sure rules are required for a healthy and great society but seriously these new rules are driving me up the wall.....I don't like these new rules i don't like them one bit.

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