Freya Icon GET DUN DUN DUN by Khaos89
GeniusMage - To be forgotten is a fate worse then death...
TALK - It's been five years... I've been away for so long. Not a night went by when I didn't dream about home. I can't believe I'm here... I am no longer the selfish child I was five years ago. The time has come to serve my kingdom as a Burmecian dragon knight once again!
What's life without a little risk :D

Firaga44 - I'm just to pretty!Seriously.
TALK - Oh really you're going to stop me?You can't even put on cologne without screwing it up!

Firaga44 - Who am I?WHO?!
TALK - That's a lie!
That's a lie!

Firaga44 - You found what attractive?
TALK - I gotta know,ok?

Firaga44 - Die!
TALK - Then I will stop you!For the world,for Emil,and for you!
Time to get...SERIOUS. >:3

Firaga44 - The die has been cast Necromancer!
TALK - Tear get away from that reject!
Are you talking about fomicry?What good would it do you to know?

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