In the start all there was*looks at book*wait crap wrong book*tosses book above shoulder*. *cough*Ok now i have the right book. In the start the void existed. 1,000 years later the void and Exdeath meet each other. Then 10 years later they married. Need i say more? :3. Then Xemnas met Kingdom Hearts. I really don't need to go farther into THAT story xD. Let's see do i have more child friendly story. *searches* No,no,oh heck no that's not the right book. *pulls book out* In the start holy and meteor fought and holy won cuz of it's pure epicness <3. Then Xehanort met the darkness. Trust me that honeymoon doesn't go well xD. *searches books* And that's all the story time we have today kids bye bye and remember hugs not drugs :D

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