Note:This will contain silver morning kh parody and Pokemon BMNC references.


King Mickey-I wish i could find some cotton candy.

KH2 Intro High Riku2

Sora-Sometimes i wonder why he has more fangirls then me he's wearing a skirt. Roxas-True. But then again a lot of fangirls have a thing for silver hair. Me-True.


Moogle-May the force be with you Xion-What the heck are you talking about? Moogle-JUST LET ME MAKE STAR WARS REFRENCES OF I WANT TO!!!!!!!! Kairi-He's weird Xion-Amen to that Sora-You just got owned girlfriend! Xion and Kairi-........


Sora-Ok but i come with my own theme song*kung fu fighting plays* Donald-Some please make him shut up!


Dawn-Wow i have a bad team


Sora-AH!!!!! I'VE GONE BLIND!!!!!!!

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