Tidus:BACK OFF! THE COOKIES ARE MINE! Yuna:*pulls out weapon* Tidus:O_O Ok you can have the cookies!


Noctis:Hand me the chocolate and no one gets hurt Hope:All the chocolate belongs to me!!! Noctis:Shortie hand over the chocolate NOW. Hope:*is enraged* HOW THE HECK ARE YOU CALLING SHORT?!?!?!? Noctis:O_O.....ok shortie you can have the chocolate!


Selphie:What's wrong Kairi? Kairi:Sora picked Namine over me..... Selphie:I can see why he would Kairi:*pushes Selphie into the lake*


Vanitas:Sora I am your father Sora:Holy crap really? Vanitas:Yeah and Aqua's your mom Sora:O_O WAIT I HAD A CRUSH ON MY MOM?! Vanitas:O_O Dude you are one messed up 15 year old!

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