Those without hearts.

Those who can not feel.

Those without a soul....those without a reason to live.

Those cursed to live life with a numb feeling in them.

This is the cruel fate of a nobody.


They can tell a story as well as lie

They are powerful

No one can remember anything forever

So cherish your precious memories while you can....

You can change your life

You can change the way you look at life

But the burdens of your life will always be there....

No matter how much you want them to disappear....

But that doesn't mean life isn't over

Just live life knowing they're their and that they don't frighten you........

How do you know this won't happen?

How do you know that i won't be dragged down by the burden?

How do you know....that i'll be ok?

No one knows the pain i'm feeling inside.......

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