"You are Presea Combatir!!!!! You know pain well and you are very quiet because you are afraid to love and don't want to be hurt. You are a person who also only says what is nessicary and very little more.You are also wishing you could go back in the past and change your choices. My advice for you is that you need to open up and love agian and be open to new unexpected relationships. On the bright side you are nice person and try not to hurt others and care alot about those you wish to be close to. Oh and don't forget you are really pretty when you smile!!!! "

"Honest and earnest, she can't be shaken from her beliefs. Cool and sometimes a little aloof, Sorbet uses her water magic to show off her sparkling intelligence"

"Your PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your that cute lil' mouse pokemon!!! you love you friends to death and you always stick by there side!!! and may wannna lay off the ketchup a bit..."

"You are Kari. You are kind caring, but if someone gets on your badside, they'll realise that this kitty has claws."

"You are Sora.You have a knack for exploring but also, you are a little scared of change. Even though change is your fear, you still have an adventurous sense.'

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