Xemnas-Axel you and Katie will go on a mission today together.

Axel and Me-Oh god..............

Later in the end of the world

Me-*shivering*This place sure is dark and scary........

Axel-What you afraid or something if you are i'll go alone.

Me-I'm fine i guess.


Then Katie screamed.


Then a blue penguin came out.

Axel-WTF is that?!

Me-A piplup and a baby one to.

Axel-I'm burning it.

Me-Like heck you're doing that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Axel-Oh geez and........Xion!

Me-You've gone mental my name is Katie

Axel-No look Xion!*points to Xion*

Me-*pushes Axel in a lake*


Xion-Well whadda ya know the pyro is afraid of water.

Me and Xion-XD!


Me-Cool?You're soaking wet*laughs*

Xion-Look the poor thing's shivering.

Me-Axel?He'll be fine.

Xion-No the penguin.

Then Katie tried to grab it and missed.

Then Xion used ragnarok.

Xion-I think i overdid it.

Me-Don't worry it's just knocked out

Xion-Ok grab it quick!

Me-This was our mission?

Then Xion grabbed Axel and RTC and Katie grabbed piplup.

Xemnas-Nice job everyone expect Axel gets ice cream.