Ven hated school so much. It was even worse since his dad divorced his mom.
"Me and your mom wanted different things he says"it's the biggest load of crap i've ever heard Ven mumbled to himself.
Ven get ready for school!Ven's mom shouted.
I'm not going and you can't make me!Ven shouted.
Ven buried his head in his pillow.
You're going even if i have to take you Ven's mom said.
Why?I'm gonna drop up anyway.....Ven said sadly.
Ven's dad leaving had hit him pretty hard.
Meanwhile at school...
Terra was staring out the window with boredom.
TERRA!The teacher snapped.
Terra fell out of his seat in shock.
The rest of the class laughed expect Aqua who sighed sadly.
Ven's late again for the 20th time this year but i'm getting snapped at?That's unfair!Terra shouted.
Ven then walked in with souless expression on his face.
About time Ven the teacher said.
Whatever Ven said as he sat in his seat.
They headed to the lunchroom with Ven sitting by himself.
What's with him?He's been like this all month?Terra asked.
His dad divorced his mom of course he's sad Aqua said.
I bet seeing you would fit that Terra said while laughing.
Aqua blushed and yells what the heck does that mean?!
He clearly likes you even though he doesn't show it Terra said still with a smile on his face.
Aqua gave him a look that said wipe that smile off your face or i will shove my keyblade down your throat.
Terra fall out of his chair again.
OW!Terra screamed.
Aqua let out a little giggle.
Ven sat at his table with a bored expression on his face.Note:Ven Aqua and Terra have different personality and well the story's not finished yet.

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