• Gothic Falls (Monster house)
  • Indian Falls (Pochahantas)
  • Bomb-omb battle field (From super mario 64)
  • Bean Bean Kingdom (Yes I know it sounds stupid! But is from Mario and luigi: Superstar saga.)
  • Forks, Washington (From twighligt. Fans should know what twiglight is)
  • The galaxy that is far far away (From star wars, XD Yes I know bad pun)
  • Pink Palace/Other mother's world (from coraline! No duh!)
  • The legacy (from the Tales series)
  • Waverly subsation (From Wizards of waverly place...)
  • Endsville (From the Grim adventures of billy and mandy)
  • Doom's castle (From Marvel)
  • Princess peach's castle (Not even gonna say it!)
  • HQ (Where main party members can change/buy weapons and Heal themselves and save.
  • Green hill zone (From Sonic)
  • Hyrule (Zelda fans should know what this is.)
  • Soul calibur realm
  • The Abandoned rainforest
  • Digimon world
  • Pikimin planet (from pikmin)
  • the ninja leaf village (from naruto
  • springfield (from The simpsons)
  • south Park
  • World:Sunnyside Daycare

Antagonists: Lotso's gang turned into nobodies and heartless

Plot:Woody and the other toys are trying to escape from sunnyside, but Lotso and his gang turns evil and transforms and they have to fight them in order for them to escape

Partners to choose from:Jessie, Woody, or Buzz.

Assistants: Bullseye, Mr.Potato head, Rex, Mrs.Potato Head, and Hamm


You can play as the characters from each world (not make them follow you)

You can have pets fight with you and you can make your own, evil or good and they also give you special abilities!

villian story mode where you can play as the evil group AND the villians from each world for a huge amount of gameplay time in the game for villians story

pets= turtle=good, minature yeti=bad,miniature dragon= good or bad, Lizard=good , Wolf= Good or bad, Dogs= good or bad, cats = good or bad XD, Bull=good, Lion=good , bear=bad, Gargoyle=bad, Wolf=good or bad, Rabbit=good

Enemies: A group with speacial powers rejected by the world

Dark creatures hypnotized by a member from the group.

Characters Main

  • Lilly
  • rose
  • wolf
  • shadow

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