• 1. Trolls in shrek 2 (seriously? They can literally get killed by 3 bombs at the same time)
  • 2. Prince Charming (shrek 2)
  • 3. The froggy thing ( I forgot its name) in spyro: Year of the dragon
  • 4. Gohma (he gets crushed by Dragon #%^. That's sad)
  • 5. Lady deathstrike in X-men Legends 2
  • 6. Acopalypse in X-men Legends 2 (all you need is the fours powers to defeat him is by spamming them and hitting them and the machines)


  • 1. Nanite Nick Fury in MUA2
  • 2. Green Goblin and Venom MUA2
  • 3. The Tinkerer's Bot Machine mua2
  • 4. Wizard and Scorcher Mua 2
  • 5. The shadow Queen in Paper Mario
  • 6. Count Bleck super paper mario
  • 7. Bowser last fight in Super mario galaxy 1
  • 8. Jack-in-the-box in donkey kong 64
  • 9. The last boss in scooby doo night of 100 frights

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